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Will shoppers take these spring denim trends?

Lyst reveals positive signs that consumers are coming back to jeans

After passing a year in COVID-19 – mostly wearing sweats, leggings, shorts and elevated pajamas in lockdowns – a new fashion search platform Lyst reveals positive signs that consumers are coming back to jeans. Lyst revealed that its global analysis of more than 60 million jeans-related searches disclosed that customers are now favoring looser styles.

Figure 1: Luxury search engine Lyst shows positive signs among consumers as they are coming back to jeans. Courtesy: Collected

After observing the recent months, Lyst is observing that the influenced TikTok generation is preferring wide-leg jeans. With leading denim brands like are introducing the High Loose fit, a modern construal of a ’90s-era wide-leg, and other leaders of the denim industry are serving baggy denim looks on the runway, while the consumers choice has certainly broadened.

In the last 3 months, wide-leg jeans have been growing at 148%. And the trend has multitier demand. And brands like H&M and Kut are among the most prevalent fashion brands for these comfortable styles, as well as the designer streetwear label Vetements, reported Lyst.

Moreover, the social media popularity of show gurus wearing straight-leg jeans is topping the scene. This trend gone-up 145 percent in the past quarter year-on-year, says Lyst.

Having said that the appeal for skinny jeans hasn’t decreased. As its data shows that searches for the form-fitting fit during this same period grew by 107%. Where, Levi’s 501 skinny jeans, Asos’ contouring jeans and Amiri’s distressed jeans seeing a jump.

Figure 2: Levi’s 501 skinny jeans. Courtesy: Collected

Consumers looking for distressed denim, increased by 91% month-on-month. The Amiri’s California-enthused rocker appeals to rising demand in distressed denim in general.

While torn (or ripped) knees are the most desirable distressed jeans. Increasing a 37% week-on-week, appealing to all generations. Demand for ‘ripped skinny jeans’ is also rising by 50% since February.

Sustainability-related searching increased

The sustainable concern among the consumers are witnessing impressive growth. Lyst says sustainability-related keywords have greatly increased by 138% in the last 3 months. Pageviews for ‘recycled’ and ‘organic’ denim have amplified by 229% and 119% correspondingly.

Figure 3: Sustainable concern among the consumers are witnessing impressive growth.

Leading denim brands are overwhelming shoppers with new sustainable collections. M&S, Cos and Mango brought lower-impact denim collections. Lee and H&M’s collaboration brought 100% recycled cotton jeans to the market. Levi’s and Ganni brought cotton hemp jeans, and Weekday brought regenerated textile fiber, Infinna. While both Mother and Outerknown presented denim collections made with upcycled post-consumer denim, demonstrating the integrating look to suit just about anybody’s style.

Brands closing loop resale initiatives like Levi’s SecondHand and Tommy’s for Life appear to feed the consumers to the idea of wearing pre-owned denim, too. Giving a 68% rise to pre-owned jeans page views in the past three months.

Patchwork jeans appeal is growing at 200% in January and over the last three months. More precisely, pursuits for straight-leg patchwork jeans are up by 44% and 51% for wide-leg patchwork jeans.

The COVID-19 has also given rise to more creative types of patchwork denim too. The search term ‘bandana patchwork jeans’ is also trending in searches, with the most sought-after brands for this denim style being Jaded London, Etro, Amiri, and D&G.

Styles come and go in the jeans arena, but the vintage styles have been stuck there for like forever. Which was eminent in Lyst’s report. Vintage styles like split-hem jeans as one of the ‘hottest denim trends for spring,’ observing that Hollywood modernizers have been seen sporting them recently.

‘split-hem’ and ‘split-leg’ jeans searches grew by 40% over the past 3 months. The most prevalent styles include Reformation’s Peyton slit-hem boot-cut jeans and Paige’s black split-hem flare jeans.

Known for its simple, versatile and stylishness – the gray denim is hugely pulling the shoppers. In the last three months, gray denim searches have amplified by triple digits.

In spring, light washed denim maintains its universal appeal with an increase by 53% in searches. While popular ‘faded jeans’ searches grew by 49% with blue, gray and black the most sought-after colors.

In this new normal scenario, people’s fashion is becoming more and more casual, and the denim trend is displaying no signs of downfall on appealing consumers worldwide with the market still extremely resilient, as the report from London-based luxury search engine Lyst shows.

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