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Win-win-win through negotiations (part III)

If you take ‘N’ from the word Negotiation, the only Egotiation is left alone which is simply a discomfort maker in the negotiation table. N is very vital which stands for ‘noble’ or ‘nimble’ required to make the negotiation into WWW (win-win-win); without ‘N’ it starts with ‘EGO’ which is ‘Enemy’, so let it ‘Go’.


Whatever happens, never allow your ego to take place neither in your oral communication nor your facial expressions during negotiations. Wait for the end with all patience & mindfulness.

This is not the last negotiation table today. You may end up negotiating a meeting with an empty hand, no business, nothing, but make sure you have been able to make your customers believe that you have ensured your best to make it a win-win-win which would be more and more impactful for the next meeting.

Smart marketing strategy & smart marketing team are important, but more than this, the right quality product, delightful service & delivery along with uncompromised ethics are the key to drive both marketing and team management towards sustainable business growth and glamour.

Figure: Himel Mahmud, GM, Marketing & Merchandising, Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd.

Essentially, there has to be a standard way of working and KPI visualization behind each process.  Ideas & words are useless without the right execution. So, how to execute it?

Marketing is a complete package. It’s not all about buying and selling, it’s more than this. It’s not all about English speaking or eloquence, it’s more than this.

It’s not all about knowing the product, it’s more than this. It’s not all about flying abroad with a handful of products, it’s more than this. (To be continued…)

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