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With the biggest piece printing facility in the Southeast Asia Masco focuses on quality and sustainability

Printing is always a very sophisticated process which has to be done at once. The scarcity of quality printing is a common thing in the industry, but it is not addressed surprisingly! Printing is not necessary to manufacture a basic product, it is actually enhancing the outlook of a garment and customers having good fashion sense usually demand this kind of products.

Masco printing technology
Figure 1: Masco synchronized the technology with human capacity.

There are very few printing houses produce quality printed products in Bangladesh and Masco is one of them. Masco Group has the biggest quality piece printing facility among the Southeast Asian textile manufacturing countries. Right now, they have 3-3.5 lakh pieces printing capacity daily but it will be 5 lakh within the next two months.

Printing is the strength

Every organization has their strength point and Masco Group’s strength is their printing. ATM Mahbubul Alam Chowdhury Milton, Executive Director of Masco Group said, “We made ourselves special in printing because we wanted to be! If you ask why then, first of all, I have to say to make a special identity, it is also our business need, to reduce the lead time and to ensure the final product quality. These are the points that is why we are in printing.”

As their marketing policy is printing focused, their merchandising teams always try to bring the printing-oriented orders and this is how they made themselves.

Masco Finest printing
Figure 2: Finest printing is the strength of Masco.

Obviously, all the top-notch buyer’s source from Masco if the order contains any printing product. Recently on 25 January Masco Printing & Embroidery Ltd. and Masco Picasso Ltd. got the second position award in ‘Silkflex Print Contest-2019’ for their tremendous works in printing.

We made ourselves special in printing because we wanted to be! If you ask why then, first of all, I have to say to make a special identity, it is also our business need, to reduce the lead time and to ensure the final product quality. These are the points that is why we are in printing.

ATM Mahbubul Alam Chowdhury Milton, ED, Masco Group

Masco Picasso Ltd. is named after the great Pablo Picasso (Oct 25, 1881, to April 8, 1973) who was a Spanish expatriate painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and stage designer considered one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century.

Masco printing facilities

Masco Group has 14 vertically setup sister concerns, two of them are printing facility. Masco Picasso Ltd. is equipped with the most sophisticated and latest machinery. All basic printing facility like pigment, reactive, discharge, disperse, puff, rubber, gel, acid, foil, flock etc. they have but they also do sublimation and photo printing on which they claim they are special for!

They have patented technology for flock printing which is ‘Automatic flocking device’. They also do photo prints in CMYK. They have a laser engraving system facility also.

Table: Basic information of Masco printing.

Daily capacity 3-3.5 lakh pieces
Machinery Oval, Octopus, Sublimation, Semi-automatic table
Oval 1 pcs (46 plates)
Octopus 3O pcs (12-20 heads, 14 colors)
Sublimation 17 pcs (15,000/day capacity)
Semi-automatic Table 128 pcs  (12,800 running feet)
ETP (chemical) 3 m3 per hour
Expansion plan Yes
Target capacity 5 lakh pcs per day (within the next 2 months)

Research and development

Masco R&D team is formed by both experienced and young energetic peoples. They ensure the required design and quality of products. They also develop designs and samples in a good frequency from which almost 70-80% accepted by the buyers. Every year Masco does a ‘Product Fair’ where they display their new developments and innovations in all arena. They have dedicated machinery facility for sampling.

buyers accepts Masco designs
Figure 3: 70-80% developments of Masco are selected by the buyers.

Environmental footprint

Sustainability is something which ensures maximum profit by saving the environment and Masco Group believes that, therefore, saving the environment and ensuring safe workplace are the commitments from their management level which is very impressive.

They have Eco-Rinse machine (M&R) for screen exposing by which water saves almost 65-70%. They have 3 m3 per hour capacity chemical ETP. At Masco Picasso, 100% water is being recycled and one-third water is directly used in the process, another two-thirds is used for screen exposing, bathroom flash, gardening etc. Roof-top gardening is the most attractive thing of Masco Picasso.

To ensure worker safety, they have an automatic drying machine set with the printing table which eventually increased the production also.

Masco Group printing
Figure 4: Farhana Akhter, Director of Masco Group and Sadrul Anam, General Manager (printing) are showing Masco’s printed garment to Rahbar Hossain (Left), FT Coordinator, Textile Today.

About expansion of Masco Printing, Farhana Akhter, Director of Masco Group said, “Alhamdulillah we are the biggest printing house in the country as well as in Southeast Asia. We usually do the children items where actually print suits more. We are thinking about AOP printing also.”

“We are going to expand our facility to 5 lakh pcs daily,” she added.

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