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Workers safety is Dekko’s centerpiece objective

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out globally, the fashion apparel along with readymade garment (RMG) manufacturing sector was one of the top industries to get hurt severely by this Coronavirus.

As the second-largest apparel exporter in the world, Bangladesh’s Readymade Garments (RMG) export came almost to a standstill. Bangladesh’s two main RMG export destinations are the US and Europe which were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, a huge amount of apparel orders was on hold or canceled by the buyers which tremendously impacted the Bangladesh RMG industry.

Figure 1: Hand wash facility for workers.

In light of this scenario in any business organization in the crisis moments, leadership plays a critical role and leads from the front and other employees follow the leader. Moreover, Dekko Accessories Limited as a long-time leader in Bangladesh’s RMG sector played that exemplary role of doing business to sustain its workers’ livelihood without compromising its worker’s safety.

Since its beginning in 1995, sustainability is a centerpiece objective of Dekko Accessories Limited. Dekko believes in its people – who drive the business. Employees are the heart of their business. From the beginning of COVID-19 – Dekko maintained exceptional safety standards.

In the beginning, the factory has worked with reduced capacity to ensure social distancing in the factory. Providing a lot of flexibility to its workers. A scenario for example, after the holiday, if any worker came from villages, they are required to stay home for a couple of days to see his/her physical condition. If the worker felt well after a couple of days, he/she was then considered fit to join the factory.

Dekko-Accessories-Ltd-Covid-19-awareness training
Figure 2: Covid-19 awareness training.

And not surprisingly, out of more than 2000 employees, only 2 got infected. The contact information of all the employees was collected along with their families. Thanks to the leadership of Dekko for maintaining such world-class safety standards and keeping the COVID-19 positive cases at bay. Saving business in parallel with workers earning.

Following strict maintenance of WHO COVID-19 health guidelines, Dekko ensured close monitoring in its factory. The facility has conducted a risk assessment on COVID-19. The factory set up a disinfection tunnel for employees and checking temperature for each employee while entering in the morning. Besides, entrances are equipped with foot disinfection container to keep employees’ feet virus free.

Washing hands before entering the factory is mandatory for every employee. And Dekko monitors the body temperature of every worker at the entrance.

Figure 3: Thermal scan check.

Also, hand sanitizers and handwashing points in different accessible places in the factory are available, so that workers can wash their hands at regular intervals.

The common touchpoints like stairs, railings, door handles, transport, floors, machine, tables, etc. are daily disinfectant by spray gun.

No safety measure is 100% full-proof if the people are not fully aware and understand its seriousness. That is why the Dekko facility delivers awareness speech on Covid-19 through the public address (PA) system during working hours. Participating in the awareness session is mandatory for each employee with maintaining social distance as well.

So, the employees are constantly reminded of the situation. On top of that, management posts awareness posters in prominent common places with #COVID-19.

Wearing masks in a public place is one of the fundamental safety measures in COVID-19. However, for workers, it is not possible to buy this scarce equipment regularly. For this reason, Dekko regularly provides face mask – KN95, N95, surgical mask, cotton mask – to the workers.

In addition to that, other safety equipment like hand gloves, face shields, hand sanitizers are provided for the workers.

From the main gate to each entrance of the production floor, marked circles are provided to maintain to enforce a social distance.

Figure 4: Visitor car spray.

The safety measures are common for all, even for the visitors. The visitor’s vehicle is cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant while entering the factory premises. Inside the factory, the same safety measures are followed for the visitors.

Dekko has a full-proof reporting system to medical person or management if suspected or cases observed. It also informed all the employees that anyone in the worker’s family has a fever then he/she should inform to get leave and that employee stayed isolated for the necessary period. This is how other workers remained safe. Besides, Dekko Group’s doctors are always in communication with the workers to get medical advice at any given time.

At the same time, it lessens the burden from the worker – if he/she goes to a local pharmacy, there is a chance of having to buy unnecessary medicine from there. Also, ensuring proper treatment by a qualified doctor.

Still by any chance, if anyone feels sick in the factory, Dekko gives leave to that work so that he/she can go home and rest for a couple of days.

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