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Xaar celebrates 20 years of the Xaar 128 inkjet printhead

Xaar has celebrated the 20th birthday of its ever-popular Xaar 128 printhead recently, says a press release.

Xaar 128 printhead
Figure 1: Xaar 128 printhead.

Initially conceptualized for use in desktop fax machines, in fact, at launch, the Xaar 128 proved to be better suited to other sectors due to its combination of reliability, ease of integration, speed and quality of the print. This ensured it quickly became a firm favorite in the coding and marking and wide-format graphics markets.

Launched in 1999 the Xaar 128 was the driving force behind the first industrial inkjet revolution in wide-format graphics. Its compact footprint and light carriage weight of only 16 grams, combined with its simple electronic interface, enables quick and easy integration into printers by OEMs.

Xaar 128 celebration at UK
Figure 2: Xaar 128 celebration at Huntingdon, UK.

Whether printing outdoor or indoor graphics, barcodes, outer case carton coders or poster printing, the Xaar 128 and its compatibility with many ink types positioned it as the leading 17 mm piezoelectric drop-on-demand printhead.

This has been maintained over the last 20 years and recently developed into new applications. With its ability to handle the printing of fluids with a range of viscosity, reactivity and conductivity the Xaar 128 is also now proving ideal for certain uses in the latest Advanced Manufacturing and 3D market sectors.

With over 1.5 million Xaar 128 printheads in the market, the success of the Xaar 128 is being officially marked with the cutting of a ‘birthday’ cake at Xaar’s factory in Huntingdon, UK, where the Xaar 128 is manufactured.

“The longevity of the Xaar 128 and its relevance in today’s market is testament to the cutting-edge technology it deployed 20 years ago,” said Graham Tweedale, Chief Operations Officer at Xaar.

“The fact that we are celebrating its birthday and even seeing new applications, is a real source of pride for us and demonstrates the impact of Xaar’s investment and lead in industrial inkjet technologies.”

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