YiwuTex 2017 enhances local knitting & hosiery industry

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Under the background of deep-rooted history and the continuous development of local garment industry, knitting and hosiery industry has become a world-renowned flagship industry in Yiwu. As the rapid modernizing, textile and apparel manufacturing industries bring huge potential for knitting and hosiery development, new investments in automation and information technology have been made necessary for improving productivity and product quality. For this reason, YiwuTex “Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone” will showcase smart knitting system and innovative knitting technology. Manufacturers can learn more about how to expedite the smart production transformation, improve products’ functionality and marketing their products in the domestic and overseas markets.

Figure 1: YiwuTex has become an important place to discover the technology advancements in textile value chain.
Figure 1: YiwuTex has become an important place to discover the technology advancements in textile value chain.

Value-added knitting industry in Yiwu

Starting in the late 90’s, knitting and hosiery is one of the pillar industries in Yiwu, and has now achieved a considerable scale and comprehensive system. Yiwu knitwear market was evolved from a low-end wholesale market which mainly sold underwear to a scalable business with the continuous upgrade of knitting technology. Integration of production and sale started and products tend to incorporate elements like fashion design, healthcare, fitness and other functions.

This overwhelming trend has enabled knitting production to step out of the traditional process, and combine manufacturing with design to meet growing consumer demands for fashion. In order to consolidate their positions, the local knitting and garment enterprises have developed high value-added industries and armed themselves with professional skills such as product function enhancement, design optimization, brand building and e-business platform expansion, etc.

Hosiery enterprises invest in innovation

Yiwu hosiery originated in the early 20th century, and has developed to accommodate around 1500 enterprises with over 100,000 hosiery workers. The total RMB 8.5 billion investments in its 80,000 imported advanced machinery has made Yiwu the famous “Hosiery City of China”. A lot of hosiery companies emerged such as “Langsha Group”, “MengNa” and “Bonas” which all become the leading hosiery enterprises in China. Yiwu hosiery industry accounts for 62.5% of the domestic market, and its products are exported to over 100 countries including Japan, U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia, etc.

However, when compared with some international brands, Yiwu hosiery still has less premium capacity due to the lack of added value and product innovation. That’s why many enterprises have been actively introducing advanced equipment and extending the industrial chain to inject new vitality to local hosiery industry. Some hosiery brands also start to cooperate with excellent designers and increase investment in technological innovation to stay competitive in the ever changing market.

The 18th YiwuTex will be grandly held at Yiwu International Expo Centre from 13-15 June 2017 with a new focus on healthcare textiles, innovative yarn and its applications. The show will feature three thematic zones – Functional Knitting Machinery Zone, Smart Apparel Machinery Zone and Digital Printing Machinery Zone.


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