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Young entrepreneurs can start new business in screen printing

Engaging youth in entrepreneurship is the best way to use their potentiality of the RMG sector. Bangladesh is a country where more than 34% of the population is young generation. So young people should not always run after job as soon they complete graduation rather they can create a job for more people by establishing their own business. But this is not easy nor within the scopes for the youth to run any business unless they have enough money and experiences related to the business area.

screen printing business
Figure 1: An operator is putting the color paste on the screen for print.

However, if strong willpower can drive someone to establish themselves as an entrepreneur then no barrier can stop him. For the young entrepreneur, there are several good business areas can be the best options to start a new business in the textile an RMG industry. Starting a factory of Screen Printing can be a good idea for a young entrepreneur if invests carefully and work hard with dedication and perseverance.

A brief discussion to set up a screen print factory:

Purchase a running factory

The best way to start a new business is to buy a sick factory. Because with the existing factory building including the electric power license and power just needs to be turned on and all the legal factor is existing. So, it will not be hard to start immediate production, however, the sick factory can be very expensive because of its all liabilities and outdated machinery.

The location and size of the premises

If anyone cannot purchase any old factory then better to set up own business. For a screen print factory most important is to get big premises where there are existing huge ventilation facilities. Because screen printing environment is very hot so without better cooling system workers will become sick. Must keep in mind about the availability of water and electricity while selecting the location of proximity to the market.

Generally to build an ideal premise for a screen print factory, 2500-3000 sq. is best. The floor will include –

ideal printing factory

Factory equipment

Equipment is the most significant part of setting up a screen print factory. For a new entrepreneur buying, second-hand machines can be the best available option to save money if new ones cannot be afforded. Machine efficiency must be assessed before making a purchase.

This can be automated or labor-intensive based on investment size. The equipment that requires a screen print factory based on labor-intensive as below –

  • Glass Table for screen print – minimum 10 mm tempered glass manual flat screen-printing table. Dimensions (L*W*H):1000*1200*780mm per glass size. 30 Meters minimum length of the table for one production line required. Generally, 5 glass table of screen print required for good productivity in a small factory. Per day production can be 5-7 thousand pieces based on color 2-3 screens.
  • Auto dryer – This is to immediately dry the print color for screen rotation on the garment. Earlier it was done by a worker with hand dryer but due to wages hike industrialists are preferring to the automated
  • Hanging frame for natural print dry – Hanging frame on top of glass table is set forHanging frame for natural print dry
  • Print curing machine – After natural dry of the printed part on the hanging frame then the part need Curing for plastisol, pigment, flock, HI density, foam, sticker, discharge and all types of inks. Electrical and Gas both machines are available in the market so an entrepreneur should find the suitability.Print curing machine
  • Film exposer machine – Screen printing screens are coated with a light-sensitive emulsion using a scoop coater. When the emulsion is dry then it requires to place a positive print of the image on the screen. Once UV burns the screen, the emulsion that did not get any UV will wash out of the screen exposing the tiny pin holes. The surrounding areas that were exposed to UV will be cured. Hence the ink will pass through the screen onto the substrate.Film exposer machine
  • Screen making framing machine – Screen stretching is the most important procedure to make the screen. Manual machine to perform the tensioning process of meshes in the frames is useful for a small factory.Screen making framing machine
  • Color mixing machine – For screen print color mixing tool is a must. Properly color mixing can avoid color variation in the screen print process.
  • Light box Colors appear differently under different lighting sources. To avoid/reduce the assessment error when performing color contrast, a Light Booth to simulate different light sources to obtain an objective assessment of color and color difference is essential. Color check light box can accommodate up to 6 light sources.
  • Power generator – As Bangladesh, textile and garment industry is suffering from the power supply so to start any production unit a power generator is compulsory. A print production unit cannot run without power supply because most of its production process need heat and high temperature.

Other factors to consider setting up screen print factory

While discussing with a different print expert regarding setting up a new screen print factory they suggest some tips for the new entrepreneur that can be very helpful for them. Minimum investment of 30 lakh BD Taka is required to set a screen print factory.  Following below can be effective for the young entrepreneur.

  1. Legal and Logistics issue to know in details that needed for a factory set up.
  2. Need to do extensive research before setting up a factory. The best way to understand the screen print process to work in a print factory for six months. It can be with or without a salary only to know the things in deep and to gather experience. Because without experience screen print factory cannot run with good profit.
  3. Experts also suggest getting a mutual partnership with someone who knows the better print process.
  4. The vast idea is required for best and affordable chemical sourcing.
  5. Hazardous substances of the chemical can be very harmful for the industry set up. Hazard free chemical should be used though safe chemical is a bit
  6. Skilled operator for screen print production is essential.
  7. Color maker is the key person who is responsible to make different colors. Based on his skill and experience screen print can get good color matching.
  8. Reduce production wastage, error, and rework process to get good profitability.
  9. Pricing is vital to identify proper pricing and only experience will secure the best deal.
  10. Marketing is crucial to run the screen print factory. Good marketing strategy is necessary. Hence building a chain relation with the garment merchandiser is more effective. Because they are the key player to get a work order for the factory. If 12 months of production cannot run in the factory then the project may not be profitable and the possibility to become a sick industry.
  11. Finally, integrating the overall health, safety, and environmental regulations is a must.

A total of 4560 garments factories in Bangladesh are exporting apparel products in the global market, of them about 2500 are knit garment factories. Knitwear export has increased by 11.76% to 16.24 billion USD in 2018 compared to last calendar year that was 14.30 billion USD in 2017. Knitwear export earnings of 2018 is 1.71 billion USD higher than the previous year.

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This data is important for the screen print factory because most of the knitted garments are having screen print and all the factory does not have the internal capacity to complete their production. And some knit factories do outsource print, which is a golden opportunity for the screen print supplier. Young entrepreneurs should not miss this opportunity.

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