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‘Youths should focus on research, innovation and creativity’

“Heading to the future with strong fraternity” holding this slogan BTEC Milonmela-2018 (get together) and Voice of BTECian, a knowledge sharing program held in Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College (BTEC) on 14 April with all its previous and current students. Textile Today was the official media partner of the program.

Distinguished guests were present in BTEC Milonmela-2018
Figure 1: Distinguished guests were present in the program.

Engr. Md. Abdul Mozid, Principal of BTEC inaugurated the program. Saiful Islam, Lecturer of BTEC delivered his welcome speech while Tanjir Hossen Liton, Nurista Parvin, and Mohammad Kutub hosted the program. Besides, Kabir Hossen Patwary, Assistant Professor; ASM Junaid Hasan, Lecturer; Selim Mia, Lecturer; Mahmudul Haque, Chief Instructor and other former and current students of different batches spoke.

Earlier, a prayer was done for the peace of the departed souls of BTEC’s students and a slide show was displayed. In addition, to increase the networking in BTEC students, Abu Hayat Palash, current 8th batch student, and top-rated freelancer launched a community-based website named ‘btecians.info‘ talked about various technical issues of the site.

Engr. Md. Abdul Mozid said in his speech, “Textile engineers of the country have played a significant role to reach Bangladesh’s status in developing countries list. To keep pace in the textile sector, the contribution of BTEC is undeniable over a decade.” “Youth has to go through research, innovation, and creativity. All of you can take support from our rich laboratories,” he added.

A part of the students participated in BTEC Milonmela-2018
Figure 2: A part of the students participated in the program.

Jobaire Hossain, Sr. Business Analyst of Liz Fashion Industry Ltd., said, “Get-together is a platform to reconnect with old friends and forge new memories.” Mentioning youth he said, “You must emphasize on learning technology.”

Md. Shofiul Alam, Director of Optimized Color Chem Ltd., delivered a highly informative speech to the young generations based on his practical knowledge and experience. He said, “It doesn’t matter what department you get in the textile institution. The important matter is what you have learned. University level is a gateway to knowledge. Let yourself float in knowledge here and do practical work with basic.”

Md. Firoz Al Mamun, Managing Director of Color Star Chem Ltd. said, “You do not have to change the world. Make a better change in yourself, in your mindset, in your philosophy. Be honest, wherever you are.”

Besides Md. Maidul Islam, Executive (Marketing) of Dysin-Chem Ltd.; Md. Abdul Haque Akanda (Apel), Senior Fabric Technician (Team Leader) of Hermes-Otto International Ltd. (Bangladesh Liaison Office); Nurruddin Ahmed, Production Officer of Ha-Meem Denim Ltd.; Md. Nazmul Haque, Lab Executive of Columbia Washing Plant Ltd. (M&J Group); Awalin Ahsan Ashik, Lab Technician of ID KIDS (Bangladesh Liason office); Habibur Rahman, Process Engineer (Dyeing) of Dignity Textile Ltd.; Sibli Shadik, Junior Merchandiser of Kwun Tong Apparels Ltd. including many entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of this generation gave speech in the 1st session.

After lunch, the desired 2nd session “Voice of BTECian” was started. The main theme of this session was “Our knowledge is our voice, our voice is our power.”  In this session, Jobholders who passed from BTEC earlier shared their life stories from their student life to professional life.

According to Akmal Hossain, Quality Controller of H&M, shared, “H&M is a dream to me. However, entering into H&M was like a war for me. After giving five times viva, I have been selected here.”

Md. Abdul Haque Akanda (Apel), Senior Fabric Technician (Team Leader) of Hermes-Otto International Ltd. (Bangladesh Liaison Office) said, “Currently buyers are focusing heavily on sustainability. It is a major burning issue now. In the context of the country, the material disposing system of the industry is comparatively poor.”

“To maximize business, maximum authorities have taken many ETP concerned persons and textile engineers. Therefore, considering the needs of the era, fresher’s may have a good opportunity in the field of chemical management and ETP sector.”

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