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ZDHC Chemical Management System Framework

The ZDHC Foundation has released a new tool to provide companies with guidelines to ensure their chemical management system (CMS) protects worker safety and reduces environmental impact, says a recent press release.

Figure: ZDHC CMS Framework aims to provide the textile, apparel, and footwear industries with good chemical management support.

The ZDHC CMS Framework aims to provide the textile, apparel, and footwear industries with good chemical management support all along the supply chain to protect their business into the future.

‍Scott Echols, ZDHC programme Director, said: “I am very excited that we are releasing a ZDHC CMS Framework. It provides a critical link between controlling input chemistries and monitoring outputs.

The ZDHC CMS Manual will consist of two components;

  1. ZDHC CMS Framework (the Framework), this document will list the minimum requirements for a CMS according to the ZDHC.
  2. ZDHC Technical Industry Guide, this document will provide more specific, technical information to support the implementation of the ZDHC CMS Framework in a facility.

The ZDHC CMS Framework should be easily understood while accommodating the complexities of the ZDHC Programme and the supply chain chemistry applications. The ZDHC CMS Framework builds on applicable tools available within the ZDHC and on management standards and other applicable frameworks available within and beyond the industry.

This Framework’s minimum requirements are complementary to any regulatory, operational or product requirements and shall be used to measure the success of an organization’s own Chemical Management System. The ZDHC Foundation is responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining this Framework which shall be reviewed and updated as needed.

Scope of the ZDHC CMS Framework

The different stakeholders in the supply chain considered for the ZDHC CMS Framework are: the chemical industry, brands, suppliers, facilities and others. Each of the stakeholders contributes to the success of implementing all pieces within a CMS.

Structure of the ZDHC CMS Framework

The ZDHC CMS Framework addresses actions to be implemented across operations of all ZDHC Focus Areas including Input-, Process- and Output- Management.

Each section consists of guidance that an organization shall follow to create a systematic and thorough process for chemical operations throughout the value chain. The ultimate goal for any organization’s CMS is to create a culture that is committed to the safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible management and discharge of chemicals.

This framework was purposefully designed to create minimum requirements while still maintaining flexibility in the details of implementation. The scope of the ZDHC CMS Framework document covers all chemicals present onsite whether used in facilities, processing, and tooling operations, although certain sections of this Framework may apply specifically to a smaller subsection of the chemistries onsite.

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