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ZDHC launches ‘dummies’ manual to detoxing fashion industry

To educate the wider textile and apparel industry and consumers on chemicals in apparel production and creating better efforts for maintaining a safe distance from environmentally damaging solutions, The ZDHC Foundation has recently launched its Detoxing the Fashion Industry for Dummies manual.

Figure: The ZDHC Foundation has today launched its Detoxing the Fashion Industry for Dummies manual.

This will ultimately create best practice alternatives in the community.

Frank Michel, Executive Director of ZDHC wrote this manual. The manual provides the public with any level of understanding the opportunity to read up on the role chemistry plays in garment manufacture and study how the proven innovations aid a transition to a more sustainable future.

“We want to raise broad awareness to accelerate change and drive impact in production regions for cleaner water and less air pollution in textile and leather manufacturing,” said Frank Michel.

With the launch of this guide, the ZDHC – which counts brands, manufacturers and chemical suppliers amongst its 160 contributors – is looking to recruit the entire industry and fashion lovers alike in a movement to clean up textile chemistry.

“This book opens the door to a safe future for humanity and our planet,” says Michel.

“Written for fashion lovers as well as industry professionals, it is intended to expose the harmful impact of clothing production on people and the environment, and share best practices to turn everyone into true believers and activists of this fashion revolution,” Michel added.

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