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ZnZ to introduce specially treated fabric to fight COVID-19

Zaber and Zubair (ZnZ) Fabrics Limited has developed a fabric in partnership with two Swiss companies that can help fight against corona virus (COVID-19) or any other virus or bacteria. The microbes are blocked instantly and will be killed within 120 seconds, and with an assurance that it works 99.9%.

Among other competitive countries, ZnZ Fabrics Limited from Bangladesh has taken such initiative for the first time.


The fabrics have been tested and validated under test norm ISO 18184 and has regulatory coverage. It is EU Reach compliant and the main ingredients are registered with US Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The fabrics can be used to make garments, medical gowns, masks, and other personal protective clothing. Initially the fabrics will be exported to the EU, US and other countries. But if Bangladesh government want, the company will also manufacture for the country as well though the cost is bit high than the regular garments.

The fabrics are protected from all kinds of viruses and bacteria; wash durable, soft and breathable in 100% cotton and blends, and absolutely safe to the skin.

For the PPE fabrics, they are solvent and fluid repellent in 100% polyester composition, have high tensile and tear strength and are wash durable up to 20 washes.

Tomorrow on 14 May 2020, all details about this project will be revealed through a press conference by the company.

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